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Scoring in 21 Cards Points Rummy


How Is the Winner of the Game Decided?


The game ends when a player makes a declaration that is validated and accepted. Once this happens, then the scores for all players are calculated on the rules given below:

Example: If in a game, 8♥ is drawn as joker, then 9 ♥ is the upper joker and 7 ♥ is the lower joker.

Please Note:

When the game results are shown, the 'points won' section will show negative points in the case of losing player/s as he or she gives those points to the winning player. In case a losing player has lost 3 points, then the points won will be shown as -3. However, this can happen when he or she has declared by grouping the cards with any of the following combinations:

special Case: In case of a player missing three turns successively, the player is given a middle drop score of 70 points. In case a player makes a wrong show, then the player will lose 120 points for that round and the game will keep moving until another player makes a correct declaration.

Deal Show: In case the losing player/s does not get even the first turn before one of the opponents makes a valid show, then in that case: