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Enjoy 21 Card Game Online 24X7

If edge of the seat excitement is what you seek, 21 cards rummy is the game for you. The exciting 21 card rummy is the popular game played in clubs across the country and now you have 21 cards rummy online, right here, on your favourite online rummy website,
What makes 21 cards rummy exciting is the innumerable permutations and combinations in which you can set the cards – Dublees and Tunnelas add to the regular sequences and sets making 21 cards rummy an stimulating rummy game. The different options to declare a 21 cards rummy hand – 3 mandatory Pure Sequence and rest of cards in sequences or sets, 3 Tunnelas, 8 Dublees, 8 jokers makes this game thrilling.

However what makes 21 cards rummy stand apart from the rest of the rummy games are the jokers. Played with three decks, the game has 3 printed jokers of each deck. As in other rummy games, 21 cards rummy also has the cut joker or wild card joker picked at random at the start of the game. But what makes this game further interesting are the additional jokers called upper and lower joker, these are the cards in value above and below the cut joker, these jokers add the thrill to the game and point calculation making it anybody’s game when a show is called.

If you wish to check the thrill quotient of 21 cards rummy, just click away and get down to a 21 cards rummy online table right here on a click and play 21 cards rummy game online.

Play 21 card rummy online

The other most attractive thing offered by rummy websites is the ease of play. The 13 Cards Rummy Online offer players total confidentiality and a genuine platform for players to play their favourite game without the hassles which one encounters when playing offline. 13 Cards Rummy Online also offers legal pay channels to make all transactions for depositing of the money online for the wagers and withdrawing of the cash on winning.