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21 Cards Rummy Rules - How to Play 21 Cards Rummy Online


21 card Rummy played in the Points Rummy format is an intricate and elaborate variant of the game. In this game, players play the game for points that have a rupee or point value decided upon in advance. The online version of 21 cards rummy is simpler to understand and play as compared to the offline version.

Complete Rules That You Will Need to Know to Play 21 Card Rummy

A Valid Winning Hand or Winning Declaration Can Consist of the Following Combinations:

  • Melding of three pure sequences along with the remaining cards melded into valid sequences and/or sets

  • Melding a minimum of three Tunnelas. In this case, players do not need to arrange the remaining cards

  • Melding a minimum of eight Dublees. In this case, players do not need to arrange the remaining cards

  • Melding eight jokers in a single group. In this case, players do not need to arrange the remaining cards

How to Calculate Value Card Score and Calculation of Maximum Loss in Points?

  • Apart from the points that are won or lost in a 21 card points rummy game, each player who has not dropped from the game also gets positive points for having value cards and negative points for value cards that are held by other players who have not dropped from the game.

  • In this game, the value cards are the Joker card (that is picked at the start of the game), the upper joker, and the lower joker.

  • The table below will tell you the points calculated for each player for the value cards held:

Type of cardSingle CardTwo CardsThree Cards
Same suit joker103050
Up joker103050
Down joker103050
  • When you get one joker (of same suit) along with an upper joker and a lower joker, together, then this is called a Jackpot or Marriage. The player who has a Marriage in hand will get 100 points from each of the players (who have not dropped) in the game. In case a player has two or three Marriages, then he or she gets 300 and 500 points respectively from each player who has not dropped from the game.

  • The maximum points a player can lose is 120. This means that no matter what cards the player holds, the points are limited to 120.

What Are the Maximum Points Losses That a Player Can Incur in A Game?

  • Any points below 120 will considered as points lost.

  • The total loss that a player can get including points lost and value cards score is capped at 200 points.

Please Note:

  • A player having a Marriage can use these cards as joker to complete sequences or sets. He or she need not have these three cards in sequence to be eligible to get the points for them.

  • Cards that are part of a Marriage will not get points individually for the player.

  • In case a player makes a declaration that is not valid, the player will exchange points with other players for the value cards that he or she holds.