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How to Calculate the Winning Amount?


Winning amount= (Total score of the winner including the points settled for value card score) X (Rupee value of point) - (Rake amount)

The Rules for 21 Card Points Rummy at Classic Rummy


Goal of the game: The primary objective of the game is to arrange all the 21 cards dealt to you in valid sequences and/or sets.

Detailed Rules:

Start of The Game:

Example: If in a game, 8♥ is drawn as joker, then 9 ♥ is the upper joker and 7 ♥ is the lower joker.


When Ace of a particular suit is picked as joker for a game, then the upper joker will be 2 of the same suit and King of the same suit will be the lower joker.

When a printed joker is chosen as joker for a game, then Ace of all suits will serve as joker. The value card in this case will be Ace♠ and the upper joker will be 2♠ and lower joker will be King♠.

the game begins with the player picking a card from the open or closed pile. His/her turn is completed once he/she has discarded a card to the open pile.

Players may use one or more than one joker to complete a sequence or set, but jokers cannot be used to complete a Dublee or a Tunnela.

To declare a win, you will have to move a card to the finish slot for declaring. After doing this, you will need to group your cards in sequences and sets and click to send them for evaluation.

Please Note:

Since there are three decks, care has to be taken to ensure that the same card is not used two times in a set. For example: 8 ♠ 8 ♠ 8 ♥ is not an acceptable set.

However, with three decks, the use of the same cards thrice in a set combination called Tunnela is possible. For example: 7 ♠7 ♠ 7 ♠ is a Tunnela/London and is accepted as a pure and valid sequence.

21 Card Points Rummy is a very easy and straightforward adaptation of Rummy. We have assembled the rules for 21 Card Points Rummy in a very specific manner to make sure you are well prepared to win the game. At Classic Rummy, we ensure that you have an enjoyable experience playing your beloved version of the game. Just a rapid look below will provide you with all the information to get going!

Scoring in 21 Cards Points Rummy